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Auto Tyre Centre Ltd - Quality Vehicle Repairs

A wide range of vehicle repairs available

We will always keep our customers best interests in mind when we recommend work on your vehicle. That is why we are happy to offer expert advice and give competitive quotes before we take on any additional work. Our highly-skilled mechanics can take on all types of repairs including routine servicing, MOT repairs, cambelts, brakes, exhausts, tyres, clutches, electronic diagnosis and engine rebuilds to name just a few.

Brake repairs and checks in Gosport

At Auto Tyre Centre we understand the importance of good brakes. We carry out comprehensive brake repairs including brake pad and disc replacements, brake fluid changes as well as inspections and repairs on the entire braking system within your car.

Over time the brake pads in your vehicle can wear through daily use, these should be seen as a consumable item on your vehicle, obviously the more you drive the quicker your brakes will age.

A mechanic working on a car

Brakes that are worn show various symptoms, often you will hear a high pitch screeching noise when you press your foot on the brake pedal but sometimes you may feel them grind and vibrate or you may feel the vehicle pull to one side whilst braking.

A brake system

The importance of brake fluid is often overlooked, at Auto Tyre Centre we check the amount of moisture contained in our customers brake fluid as part of our service packages. High moisture content will have an impact on the viscosity of the brake fluid and in turn the braking system itself.

A mechanic working on a car

We know that it is imperative your brakes work effectively to stop the vehicle from moving when needed and inefficient brakes could have an impact on you and your passenger’s safety.

If you have any concerns about your brakes our team of experienced technicians are on hand to check and repair your brakes at a reasonable price. If you have any questions or are worried about the overall condition of your brakes, get in contact or book a service through our website. Our friendly team will be available to help advise you on any repairs required and will quickly get you back on the road safe and sound!

Engine Diagnostics

All modern vehicles have a computer on board which regularly checks for any faults within the car’s system. These faults when discovered will often be highlighted by a warning light on the car’s dashboard. An engine diagnostic check can help our mechanics can quickly read into the vehicle’s computer in order to discover the cause of the warning light and with your approval; begin work to fix the issue.

A mechanic working on a car


We pride ourselves in being one of the leading exhaust experts in the local area. Whether it’s a complete exhaust system or simply a broken exhaust bracket our mechanics carry out all aspects of exhaust repairs. We supply and fit complete or part exhaust systems for most makes of vehicle – including catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters. We also carry out welding to exhaust systems. No job is too large or small!

A exhaust system


The batteries on cars are often overlooked until they fail; We offer free battery testing!

We can supply batteries for cars, campers, vans, lorries, trucks, boats, caravans and motorcycles.

We supply and fit all types of batteries at competitive prices. Simply call with your registration number and we will give you a quote.

All our batteries are fully charged and ready for use.

All our batteries come with a minimum of two years warranty.

A car battery

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